The new Fascism in Germany

It all began with an accident in Berlin on Sep. 6. 2019.

A Porsche SUV drove into a small group of people.

A woman 64, her grandson 3, and two men 29 and 28 died on this day.

The reason why the SUV drove into the group is not clear at this point. But some people think that the driver had an epileptic seizure.

The mayor of this part of Berlin (German green Party), used this situation and started a shitstorm over the news and media.

“We have to ban all SUVs out of our cities.” he said. “Four people died because some people think they need a big SUV in cities for no reasons”.

But he wasn’t alone…

After his speech hundreds of people stand on the streets of Berlin and demand a ban of all SUV vehicles in German cities.

Well… if some people think that this mayor.. who used this tragic situation for his green Party populism ist right .. ok ..but yesterday I found a video on Youtube that show us how this situation is on the way to a new form of fascism.

The green left fascism is on his way to the middle and people think they do it right.

Yes.. we germans love our nature and we think very ecologically. Most of us believe in climate change made by us…but… there is group between us who think very radically. And these people use the German green Party to push her ideology.

Here is the video. A group of protesters stood in front of an Mercedes SUV in Berlin. The people laugh. On the banner they wrote: This guy is crazy. Can you heal SUV?

But that‘s not all.

Here are some pictures of an sprayed SUV

How is this possible?

The media push the people to a radical green and left mass.

Yes! We have to protect our planet. Yes! We must reduce plastic trash and have to kill the emissions of our vehicles.

…but this way they go is wrong. Fascism is wrong. This way split our society!