Working on the house Part 2 – Extend the Parking Lot

So.. after two years comes the Big Part. Extend the Parking Lot around the house and digging the ground in the garden. But this time… there is no excavator for help! So.. I have to do it with my own hands…

First: We need a bigger Parking Lot

Second: I have to digging up the way to the house so I can drive with my Truck in the house (later) and make a big Carport over it so I can put Photovoltaics on the roof.

Third: I think about a kitchen in the front of the house (the small part of it). So I can come home and drive on the Parking Lot with LEDs in the sideway and can go directly in the kitchen 😉

Surprise!!! There is a lot of more trash in the ground -_-

So.. lets go! I will update this post from time to time with new photos.